Anima eius et animae omnium fidelium defunctorum per Dei misericordiam requiescant in pace.

Honor Roll of the Dead

Proclaimed for all eternity, herein lies the all the souls that have given their lives, good, bad or indifferent, for Skyrim. May their deeds be recorded, their lives be celebrated and their bodies be interred in everlsting peace.

Here Lies Sex Born Died Level Place Killed Killed by Player
Shi'ra'za Many-coins M born? died? 22 Skyrim Fall from Mountian resolvegamer
Vilnan M born? died? 21 Skyrim Prisoners in Cidna Mine resolvegamer
Fingon M born? died? 20 Skyrim Fell off Mountian resolvegamer
Henrik The Slow M born? died? 12 Skyrim Jumped off of the college of winterhold thought there was water at the bottom. there wasn't Renewedcash42
Fadril Dalvani M born? died? 44 Riften Died after challenging a 3 giants and a mammoth to a fist fight. yeah he did not win. Renewedcash42
Sorgub gro-Sogrun M 4e 178 4e 201 3 Markarth Fell from the top of Markarth to the bottom of Markarth. aquaa
Runs-with-Scissors M 4e 169 4e 201 5 Fort Greymoor Killed by Khajiit bandit thug after running out of potions. aquaa