Ricnan the Wanderer
The Fantasy Trip Character
Sex Male
Race Human
Born born?
Strength 12
Dexterity (adjDX) 14 (11)
Intelligence 9
Movement (adjMA) 10 (6)
Bravery 10
Honesty 7
Friendliness 9
Appearance 7
Mood 6
Sensitivity 7
Ego 5
Greed 8
Job job?
Pay pay?
Risk risk?
Current XP 375
XP/Next level 500


Talent IQ level IQ cost Notes
Sword 7 2
Pole weapons 7 2
Naginata 8 1
Alertness 9 2
Literacy 8 1
Shield 7 1
Spells Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
Languages IQ cost Notes
Common 0
Abilities being studied Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
Reaction +/- due to race/abilities


Armor/clothing worn
Item Hits stopped Dexterity penalty Movement allowance Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Chainmail 3 -3 6 15 $200
Small shield 1 - - 5 $30
Weapons carried Damage done with bare hands: 1-2 (+1 HTH)
Location Quantity Item Damage ST required Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Ready weapon 1 Broadsword 2 12 2.5 $80
Slung on belt 1 Naginata 1+2 10 4 $65 2 meters
Location Quantity Item Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
In pack 1 Labyrinth kit 3 $30 10m rope, grapnel, 2m pole, flint/steel, hammer/5 spikes
In pack 4 Torch 2 $4 Burns for 1 hour.
In pack 2 Waterskin 2 $6 1L, weighs 1 kg when full.
In pack 3 Rations 1.5 $15 Enough for one person for one day.
In pack 2 gold bar 1 $2000 Small bar of solid gold.
Total weight carried 36 Weight limit 12 Encumbrance MA=8


Ricnan is a wandering samurai from an ancient and faraway land. Born to a traveling swordsman and the daughter of a local tavern owner. Inheriting his father's wanderlust, he travels the world, driven by a restless need for adventure and exploration. He is a budding collector of swords, on the search for something he deems more interesting than his current weapons of choice. While this is not the most noble of goals, it provides Ricnan with the opportunity to keep traveling until he finds a more interesting, loftier goal.


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