The Fantasy Trip Character
Sex Female
Race Elf
Born born?
Strength 10
Dexterity (adjDX) 14 (12)
Intelligence 11
Movement (adjMA) 12 (12)
Bravery bravery?
Honesty honesty?
Friendliness friendliness?
Appearance appearance?
Mood mood?
Sensitivity sensitivity?
Ego ego?
Greed greed?
Job job?
Pay pay?
Risk risk?
Current XP XP?
XP/Next level 500


Talent IQ level IQ cost Notes
Knife 8 1
Sword 8 1
Bow 8 2
Sex Appeal 8 1
Charisma 9 2
Detect Traps 9 2
Thief 9 2
Spells Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
Languages IQ cost Notes
Elvish 0
Common 0
Abilities being studied Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
Reaction +/- due to race/abilities


Armor/clothing worn
Item Hits stopped Dexterity penalty Movement allowance Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Leather armor 2 -2 8 8 $100
Weapons carried Damage done with bare hands: 1-3 (+1 HTH)
Location Quantity Item Damage ST required Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Ready weapon 1 Horse bow 1 10 2 $30 2 shot/turn if aDX =16+
Slung on belt 1 Cutlass 2-2 10 1.5 $50
Location Quantity Item Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
In pack 2 gold bar 1 $2000 Small bar of solid gold.
Total weight carried 12.5 Weight limit 10 Encumbrance No swimming


A stunning elven lass, who attempts to charm and deceive anyone to believe that she’s not a threat with charm and.... other methods (if need be), and then promptly stabbing them in the back, if it happens to further her goals of riches. She was born to a common street thug and a barmaid (it's a long story), both of which were mauled and eaten by an escaped zoo Loin just weeks after her birth (this sparked an intense hatred of lions and their like). She grew up on the mean city streets, determined to make a better life then her mother and father had, she took to taking contracts that would make lesser assassins and thieves shake in their padded leather boots, cementing her bravery and guile.


Herself, the highest bidder, and money.


Killed a lion (and avenged her parents).