Breffus Isgood
The Fantasy Trip Character
Sex Male
Race Dwarf
Born 2nd age 284 (age 26)
Strength 13
Dexterity (adjDX) 14 (12)
Intelligence 9
Movement (adjMA) 10 (8)
Bravery bravery?
Honesty honesty?
Friendliness friendliness?
Appearance appearance?
Mood mood?
Sensitivity sensitivity?
Ego ego?
Greed greed?
Job Border Guard regular
Pay $75/week
Risk 4/17
Current XP 718
XP/Next level 750


Talent IQ level IQ cost Notes
Knife 7 1 Ability to use all knives and daggers.
Axe/mace 7 2 Ability to use all axes and maces.
Shield 7 1 Ability to use all shields.
Charisma 9 2 +1 on reaction rolls
Spells Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
Languages IQ cost Notes
Dwarvish 0 Speaks Dwarvish
Common 0 Speaks Common
Goblin 1 Speaks Goblin
Elvish 1 Speaks Elvish
Orcish 1 Speaks Orcish
Abilities being studied Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
Reaction +/- due to race/abilities +1 (Charisma)


Armor/clothing worn
Item Hits stopped Dexterity penalty Movement allowance Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Leather armor 2 -2 8 8 $100
Small shield 1 - - 5 $30
Weapons carried Damage done with bare hands: 1-1 (+3 HTH)
Location Quantity Item Damage ST required Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Ready weapon 1 Morningstar 2+1(+1) 13 6 $100
Slung on belt 1 Dagger 1-1 0 0.1 $10
In pack 2 Molotail +4/target hex (11 turns)
+2 in adj hex
0 2 $40 Targets gets 3d6 save. Armor protects 1 turn.
Location Quantity Item Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
In pack 1 Labyrinth kit 3 $30 10m rope, grapnel, 2m pole, flint/steel, hammer/5 spikes
In pack 2 Torch 1 $2 Burns for 1 hour.
In pack 1 Crowbar 2 $10 In combat, a club if ST=12
Backpack 16 Gold bar 8 $16000 Small bar of solid gold.
pack 1 Military pick 6 $100
pack 0 rations 0 $0 Enough for one person for one day.
In pack 1 DT telepathy ring 0 $2000 Has the M'Thorsz' glyph, can only communicate with others of the exact same.
In pack 230 Silver 0.69 $230
In pack 100 Gold 0.5 $1000
Total weight carried 42.29 Weight limit 26 Encumbrance No swimming


Breffus Isgood hails from Newdelve, on the eastern face of the Gargoyle Mountains. His family has worked the iron mines for generations. Like his father before him, and his father before him, he had begun his ascent to leadership positions in the mine company. He was appointed crew foreman a year ago, and as such had started to become active in low level Miners' Guild politics.

When the Gargoyle Mines Trade Area Agreement was developed and implemented, he was one of the Guild-members who opposed it. He could see that the Newdelve mine would lose money, and was active in the opposition movement. When the agreement was signed and executed, he became embittered, and began lifting gold from the company stores. Of course, he was caught. He Guild membership was revoked and he was fired, and given the choice of prison or service in Thorsz' Guard. He chose the Guard. He is no longer officially welcome in Newdelve, but will try to keep in contact with his family and few friends who remained loyal to him should the opportunity arise.

Breffus is generally friendly and can be a charmer when he wants to be. He does have a mean streak, though, when he believes he has been wronged or cheated (his experience in the mine may have left him quite embittered regarding betrayal - perceived or otherwise). He is good with axes, maces and the like, and speaks several languages. He is brave, but not overly honest. He has middling looks, but when he turns on the charm, he can be quite charismatic. Breffus loves gold. Period. He likes his mead, as well. He isn't fond of elves, and can't stand most orcs - particularly if they hail from the Orcan mines area in the northern Gargoyle Mountains. He thinks they had a hand in instigating the trade area agreement. And don't get him started on Dragons.....


Former member - Miners' Guild (Newdelve Hall)


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