The Fantasy Trip Character
Sex Female
Race Human
Born 2nd age 293 (age 17)
Strength 12
Dexterity (adjDX) 13 (12)
Intelligence 11
Movement (adjMA) 10 (12)
Bravery 10 (never surrender)
Honesty 9 (she needs a reason)
Friendliness 6 (helpful but cold)
Appearance 7 (pretty)
Mood 5 (doesn't speak up)
Sensitivity 7 (don't test her)
Ego 11 (thinks she's the best)
Greed 8 (show me the money!)
Job Border Guard regular
Pay $75/week
Risk 4/17
Current XP 718
XP/Next level 750


Talent IQ level IQ cost Notes
Sword 7 2 Can use any sword.
Running 8 2 +2 MA at all times.
Unarmed Combat 10 2 +1 damage unarmed and HTH combat (cloth armor max).
Two Weapons 11 3 Can attack with 2 weapons (second attack -4DX), block with one (-2h/a) or block with both (-4h/a).
Crossbow 7 1 Can use heavy and light crossbows.
Spells Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
Languages IQ cost Notes
Common 0
Abilities being studied Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
Warrior Talent - 9 2 Minimum ST14. Started learning April 4th
Alertness Talent - 9 2 Started learning April 15th
Reaction +/- due to race/abilities


Armor/clothing worn
Item Hits stopped Dexterity penalty Movement allowance Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Cloth armor 1 -1 10 7 $50
Weapons carried Damage done with bare hands: 1-1 (+3 HTH)
Location Quantity Item Damage ST required Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Ready weapon 1 Shortsword 2-1 11 2 $60
Ready weapon (2nd hand) 1 Shortsword 2-1 11 2 $60
Slung on belt 1 Silver dagger 1-1 0 0.1 $100
In pack 1 Light crossbow 2 12 3 $50 Fires every other turn. (aDX 14+ every turn)
Location Quantity Item Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
In pack 1226 silver 3.678 $1226
In pack 0 gold 0 $0
In pack 1 Labyrinth kit 3 $30 10m rope, grapnel, 2m pole, flint/steel, hammer/5 spikes
In pack 11 Rations 5.5 $55 Enough for one person for one day.
In pack 1 Waterskin 1 $3 1L, weighs 1 kg when full.
In pack 1 lantern 1 $20 Burns 2 hours on oil from 1 molotail.
In pack 1 molotail 1 $20 Targets gets 3d6 save. Armor protects 1 turn.
In pack 3 jewel 0.015 $3000 Small unset jewel.
In pack 1 healing potion 0.1 $100 Unknown strength
In pack 1 DT telepathy ring 0 $2000 Has the M'Thorsz' glyph, can only communicate with others of the exact same.
In pack 19 crossbow quarrels 0.475 $19
Total weight carried 29.868 Weight limit 12 Encumbrance MA=8


Born in a military settlement, Athena was raised since childhood to be a soldier. Preferring a bit more finesse than most fighters, Athena trained in various sword styles, including being skilled at wielding multiple swords at once. After an unfortunate situation, involving her father, a young female named Robin, and her CO, Athena decided to leave her town for a while. With little skill outside combat, she has decided to pursue a career in being a mercenary.


She never left her home until shortly prior to joining the service, so she doesn't know much of anyone.


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