Aris Van Tottle
The Fantasy Trip Character
Sex Male
Race Human
Born 2nd age 285 (age 25)
Died 2nd age Soon
Strength 10
Dexterity (adjDX) 11
Intelligence 15
Movement (adjMA) 10
Bravery bravery?
Honesty honesty?
Friendliness friendliness?
Appearance appearance?
Mood mood?
Sensitivity sensitivity?
Ego ego?
Greed greed?
Job Border Guard Mage
Pay $75/week
Risk 4/17
Current XP 718
XP/Next level 750


Talent IQ level IQ cost Notes
Literacy 8 1 Can read/write all known languages.
Spells Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
Staff Spell Self 5ST 8 1 Creates wizard's staff.
Magic Fist Missile 1STper 8 1 Telekinetic fist (1-2 damage for each ST used). Can trigger traps. If 6 or more hits before armor, can trip target (3d6 save vs. ST/DX).
3 Hex Fire Creation 2ST 12 1 Creates 3 hex fire (range 1MH from caster). Fire does 2 hits to enemies passing through hex, 4 hits if stopped in hex.
Fireball Missile 1STper 12 1 Fireball (1-1 damage per ST used), can set fire to objects.
Freeze Thrown 4ST 12 1 Freezes target (under 30ST) for 2d6 turns.
Control Animal Thrown 2ST+1ST/turn 11 1 Controls 1 animal (3d6 save vs. IQ). Dispels illusions/images.
Control Person Thrown 3ST+1ST/turn 13 1 Controls 1 person (3d6 save vs. IQ). Dispels illusions/images.
Reverse Missiles Thrown 2ST+1ST/turn 11 1 Reverses spells (missile) and weapons (thrown and missile) from target.
Iron Flesh Thrown 3ST+1ST/turn 15 1 Stops 6 hits/attack on target.
Lock/Knock Thrown 2ST 10 1 Opens or locks doors/gates/etc.
Detect Magic Thrown 1ST 8 1 Detects magic (does not identify actual enchantment).
Analyze Magic Thrown 4ST 12 1 Reveals enchantments (1 per casting).
4-Hex Illusion Creation 3ST 14 1 Creates any illusion up to 4 hexes in size.
Invisibility Thrown 3ST+1ST/turn 12 1 Makes target invisible (-6DX to attack). Dispels illusions/images.
Languages IQ cost Notes
Common 0
Abilities being studied Type ST cost IQ level IQ cost Notes
5 hex fire Spell ST cost? level? 1
Alchemy Ability ST cost? level? cost?
Reaction +/- due to race/abilities


Armor/clothing worn
Item Hits stopped Dexterity penalty Movement allowance Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Wizard's robes - - 10 2 $
Weapons carried Damage done with bare hands: 1-3 (+1 HTH)
Location Quantity Item Damage ST required Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
Ready weapon 1 Wizard's staff 1 0 0 $0 3d6 damage to anyone other than owner to pick up.
Location Quantity Item Weight (kg) Value (SP) Notes
In man purse 1 Wizard's chest 5 $2500
In pack 1 +1Dx Ring 0 $30000
In pack 1 DT telepathy ring 0 $2000 Has the M'Thorsz' glyph, can only communicate with others of the exact same.
In pack 219 Silver 0.657 $219
Total weight carried 7.657 Weight limit 10 Encumbrance No penalty


  • All IQ8 spells
  • IQ9 - Summon wolf, Aid, Fire
  • IQ10 - Lock/Knock, Shadow, Ward
  • IQ11 - Control animal, Reverse missiles, Create wall
  • IQ12 - 3hex fire, Fireball, Freeze, Analyze magic, Invisibility
  • IQ13 - Control person, 4hex image, Stone flesh
  • IQ14 - 4hex illusion, Lightning, Summon lesser demon
  • IQ15 - Iron flesh, Unnoticeability, 7hex shadoe
  • IQ16 - 7hex fire, Megahex sleep


Aris Van Tottle would have been thrown out of the mages guild for his experiments with explosive and fire magic, but somehow his other spells just happen to manage to get him out of trouble... except the last time when a fizzle resulted in him being caught red handed setting the tower on fire.

Now his only way back into the guild is to pass through the labrynth.


Mages Guild (currently on probation)